When you have a great steak like the filet mignon, you can’t go wrong grilling them. Here’s how we do this. First, clean and preheat the grill. We want it to get to 500 to 600 degrees. Blot the steaks dry with a clean paper towel. Lightly oil the steaks and then generously coat them with seasoning. Place them on the grill and we’re going to keep the grill closed. These steaks were about an inch and a quarter thick, so we’re going to cook them for six minutes on the first side, and then four to five minutes on the second side.

Take them off the grill and put them on a clean plate, not the plate that we brought them out to the grill on. We’re going to let them rest for at least five minutes. This will allow the juices to redistribute evenly before serving and enjoying these fabulous filet mignons.