Hey, Chef Kendra here, and today we’re making grilled eggplant. This is super easy and great for barbecues. So all I’m going to do is get some black pepper into our bowl of melted butter. Next up is some garlic powder. I’ve already salted the eggplant, so our final thing is the Italian seasoning. So we’re going to dump that in. Now I’m just going to mix that up, guys. Then brush our seasoned butter on our eggplant.

Now we’re going to oil our grill pan lightly with some olive oil. The link to this recipe can be found in the section below.

Okay, let’s get our eggplant slices down on a grill, butter side down. Then we’re going to brush more seasoned butter on top right before we flip the eggplant so it doesn’t have time to up all the butter. Now we’re going to flip them. We’re going to remove them from the heat, and then we’re going to eat them.

Source: https://youtu.be/zrKoyJTue0M